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Master Your Mind To Transform Your Life Through Subconscious Mind Reprogramming.

There are no accidents in the universe. Everything happens for a reason and purpose. The fact that you are on this page means your life is about to change. Take the first step to overcome your inner obstacles and accelerate your success so that you can achieve more in the next 12 months than last 12 years by booking a FREE Session.

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We provide a professional, confidential service with 100% Guarantee , we also provide counselling via WhatsApp Skype worldwide.

We have an eclectic approach to nurturing people, helping them transform their lives. I have shared my passion on radio and given many interviews on Hypnotherapy, Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology (HNLP), Life Coaching techniques.

It's Time to Change Your Life with Hypnotherapy

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Ramachandra Bandekar

+ Hypnosis + Havening + NLP + EFT + NHR

Ramachandra Bandekar BE, first learnt NLP basic, advanced from Richard Mcqugh who brought NLP to India and then practitioner & master practitioner from NLP Comprehensive team. Started teaching 24 Day NLP Practitioner Course in 2007. NEW Code NLP from Michael Carrol, with Richard Bandler, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, DHE, NHR. Dr. Tad James all courses. Anthony Robbins all courses.
Studied major developments of Michael Hall, Robert Dilts, Connirae Andreas,Frank Pucelik, Richard Bolstad, Igor Ledochowski, John Overdurf, Gerald Kein and more. RB has studied every Major head of different NLP Schools and might be the only person on the planet who has studied like that and created what he calls the Total Life Transformation Training.


+ Hypnosis + Havening + NLP + EFT + NHR

Dr.Latha Jayram das has done her NLP Master Practitioner with Dr. Richard Bandler and Became Dr. Tad James certified NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis Trainer. She is the first master trainer of NLP in India Certified by American Board of NLP. She is also the founder and director of Success Point Training Solutions. She has been a life coach, personal transformation expert and has helped thousands of people achieve their personal and professional goals. She conducts NLP, Time Line, Hypnosis Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses in India and UAE.


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Be successful at anything and everything you do. We have successfully helped thousands of people transform their lives into something they love.

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Stress Management

It can be very useful when the focus is during dry-transfer sheets.

Couple Counselling

Sharing feelings among others, serves to remove sense of isolation.

Therapy for Children

Intense feelings of sadness and other symptoms, losing interest.

Anxiety Treatment

One exercise session can help alleviate symptoms for hours.

Family Psychology

Chaos ubermensch ideal battle intentions madness joy oneself disgust.

Depression Treatment

Hypnosis has been used to treat pain resulting from serious injury

Our workshop

We have spent more than 20,000 hours in research and development of these courses. Over 1,00,000 people from all walks of life have participated in our programs. When you attend our courses you are learning absolutely accurate, latest and most effective, tried and tested personal, professional & business development strategies guaranteed to help you go to the next level. You will find these trainings lively, interactive, dynamic and practical, emphasizing systemic, synergistic and generative approaches that incorporate multi-dimensional learning strategies

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Do you want to feel proud of yourself? Confident? Do you want to know that regardless of whatever has happened in your past you can be strong powerful compassionate and wise? Do you want to access the wisdom of your unconscious mind? If any of this would help, call or email and talk to us. Make a move toward a life of richness and fulfillment.

hypnotherapy could be the solution you are seeking !